About me

About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrey Julay. I have had the pleasure of working in photography for over 18 years. I was born, and I live and work in the city on the Neva River - Saint-Petersburg.

I like taking photos and I devote almost all my time to photography.

Why me?

I have over 18 years of wedding photography experience
During this time, I have shot more than 1000 weddings and celebrations, which allows me to take high level photos in almost any situation.

Unique photos
A non-trivial vision forms my own style and allows me to create unusual and diverse photos. My experience and easy communication help me to capture bright, sincere and genuine emotions, making live wedding reports and staging natural poses and scenes. All photos are processed by me personally.

Member of recognized international associations
My works were many times included in portfolios of best photographs under versions of recognized International Associations such as FEARLESS, ISPWP, Wedisson, Mywed, One Eyeland, Wedlife, etc. I am in the Top 50 best photographers of the World in 2018 according to the authoritative International Association Fearless. Also included in the Top 10 best photographers in the World 2019 by the International Association Wedisson, and Top 10 best in the world 2019 according to the authoritative International Association ISPWP. At the same time my works are regularly published in various respective print media. I am a multiple participant of photo competitions and photo exhibitions, as well as TV programs and radio broadcasts. I am the Top 3 best wedding photographers in Russia and the best wedding photographer in St.Petersburg according to the authoritative International Association FEARLESS. Two of my photos were included In the top 25 best works for 2018 according to the international Association FEARLESS. Member of the Russian national photography team, finalist (TOP10) of the WPC 2020 World Cup in the Wedding category.

Personal touch
Keeping my own style, I show histories, characters and emotions of newlyweds in my photos, because each pair is unique in its own way. I always ready to listen to your wishes and propose you my options best suited to your needs and preferences.

Flexible System of Payment
It is not necessary to pay the full cost right on the wedding day. One part of the cost can be paid on the wedding day, and the rest within 2 weeks after your wedding. I’ll give you all details at the meeting.

Consultations on organizational matters
After meeting with me, you will have no questions left. I'll tell you what to take with you, what important moments to consider when planning your wedding and many more nuances you need to know to make your wedding as easy and comfortable as possible.

Route development
For many brides this point turns out to be a real headache. Based upon my vast experience, I will help you to find the best route for your wedding day.

Time management
I'll help you precisely to time your photo session, way to the registry office, restaurant, bride arrangements and so on.

Considering weather
I will suggest variants how better to carry out a photo session in a comfortable way if the weather makes it impossible out of doors.

Assistance during photo session
Not every bride has posing and modeling skills, and that is to say nothing of grooms. I have complete control over the whole process of photography. You will no longer have any questions such as: "What to do?" and "How to do it?"

Coordination in the Registry Office
I will tell you in detail what is happening and how in the Wedding Registry Office, where you will come already prepared. There is no need to fret and worry about

Equipment spare package
I always have a spare camera and lenses in case of technical failure. This kind of thing never happened in my practice.

Footage duplication
During wedding photo sessions all photo and video materials are recorded on two memory cards at the same time, thereby minimizing the risk of possible data loss, if one of those cards fails.

Backup of photos
All the footage is stored not only on different disks, but also in different physical locations. In case any kind of theft or fire occurs in your flat. I'm very serious about storage of your data.

Well-ordered appearance
I will never come to your wedding wearing shorts, T-shirts or slippers. I’m always neat, clean, fresh, happy and well-fed ...)

Attention to guests
Not every photographer pays attention to wedding guests, guides them while walking or in the registry office, makes memorable photos of newlyweds with their families, relatives and friends. That's not me.

Own car
I have my own car. This allows me to travel freely in and out of the city to any distance, without burdening newlyweds with a problem of finding a place in their car or calling a taxi. However, if newlyweds want me to travel with them, there is no problem.

Help in finding competent professionals
I will recommend you trusted professionals practically from any field of the wedding industry.

Schengen visa
I have experience of shooting events abroad and in other cities and towns of Russia.

And the most important thing!
All of the above is true ...)

Some lyrics:

I consider that the wedding photo has to be individual and creative, instead of being documentary as it used to be. Each picture series shall reveal the unique character of each couple, its mood and all those feelings which newlyweds feel to each other this day. In fact, their wedding photo album is the only thing that will remain with them after the wedding. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of those feelings which newlyweds feel when looking at their photos in a year or in two, or ten or twenty years. All this depends on how well their emotions, feelings and joy of their friends and relatives who were present on that memorable day were captured in the photos!

Nowadays photography plays an important role as it surrounds us everywhere. We can see it on billboards, on pages of various glossy magazines, when we browse dozens of pictures over the Internet every day. Today you can hardly meet a person who never kept a camera in hand. In recent years, thanks to a vast number of people who go in for photography, as well as to a constantly mounting interest in it, the general level of photography - both technical and artistic - is rising. In the same way that it happened to Renaissance painting, various directions of photography develop rapidly and generate new ones. The wedding photography is no exception, having become more diversified and multi-faceted. Along with a bride dress, the wedding photoshoot has become one of the most important moments of each wedding ceremony, and the wedding photographer is invited long before a festive celebration.

Every modern wedding photographer shall have great skills in portrait, candid, landscape, object, genre and other types of photography,moreover, these skills shall be high-level as the wedding photography means reflection of the extended chronology of one big event, which holds some magic. And a professional photographer, like a magician, shall colorcast this magic, if anything, he shall exaggerate a little, because everyone wants to look better, brighter and gayer in pictures, so the wedding photography shall be complementary to some extent.

Of course, to achieve success, the photographer shall not only be established in the profession but be a sociable, positive and creative person as well, as all through the shooting day he has not only to keep track of what is going on, but also he has to become an assistant and even a good friend for newlyweds to make their wedding shooting easy, natural and effective and with positive emotions and memories only!

Based on my long experience, I’m sure that when choosing a wedding photographer, in addition to your affection for his work, you should feel comfortable and easy to deal and communicate with him just like he does with you as all this is aguarantee of further successful and efficient team work. In this case, your photos will be really sincere, vivid and full of emotions and good mood, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find an unforgettable enjoyment in photo shooting!

Thank you for your attention and, please, enjoy the photos!