Christine Danik 17.06.17

Andrey, if you only knew how happy you made me and my husband yesterday. When we got our cherished box with a flash stick, we were so excited about how you handled it! Super, well done! 3 weeks after our wedding, we can already enjoy our family photos. There are so many photos and all of them are incredibly beautiful. We’ve been looking at photos for about 4 hours, we couldn't take our eyes off of them even for a minute. You are a real professional of your business, and most importantly, that you love what you do and bring joy to people around you. It was easy and great working with you. Looking through our photos again and again, we seemed to relive our celebration. We are so grateful to you, thank you very much for the beauty you created. With gratitude, Sasha and Christine (June 17, 2017)
In general, I can hardly share this beauty and post our photos all at once... but Nooo, I will enjoy.

Polina Kormiltseva 6.08.16

You’ve opened this profile because you are looking for a photographer for your wedding ceremony. And now I will explain in 3 simple paragraphs why you shall grab hold of Andrey eagerly.
Andrey has the shot. In addition to stylishly photoshopped images, you will get a flying bride dress in the background of Petersburg's roofs in the morning light or your reflections in glasses against the Gulf of Finland. Many photographers have the problem with a tilted horizon and production of really magnificent genre photos, looking at which your girlfriends will simply burn the floor with envy.

Andrey is one of the best. He will tell you clearly and point by point what you need to take with you (an umbrella, a warm fur coat, cosmetics, a pair of slaves), he will develop a route taking into account all your wishes and weather conditions (sun rays will be photoshopped, where you say).

Andrey is easy to deal with.
Of course, you can laugh at this point. For example, I was sure for 100% that I was calm and shrewd, and that those stories about crazy brides are just stories. But I was all shaking when I was putting on my wedding dress until Andrey came.
You feel easy and calm with him. He knows when to joke, how to support and to endear himself to you, so that instead of a little bundle of nerves, a blooming bride will appear in the frame. And do not forget that a photographer is the one with whom you will spend the whole day of your life (up to 12+ hours). And if you are stiff and feel yourself uncomfortable, then the whole photo session can be ruined.
We would like to thank this guy again, because he made our day really bright both in photos and during our photo sessions.

Olga Ignatova 7.09.16

It seems that our wedding fell on the dullest day of September. The day before, and the following day the sun was shining brightly in the flashy blue sky and on Our Special Day the clouds left not a single ray of hope. We can’t control the weather, but what we could do is to find a wonderful photographer named Andrey Julay who, with his optimism and sense of humor, maintained a positive outlook all day long, and whose professionalism and skill were translated into amazingly warm and exquisite cadres!
Andrey, the work you have done with color/light cannot but enrapture – the photo shows an almost sunny day! While we still remember that everything was completely different, but it will take some time to forget all the details, and only one reality will remain – that in your photos, the reality of a joyful sunny (!) day, full of warmth and emotions. Of course, it was worth it to wait six months! ☺
With gratitude and kindest regards,
Viktor and Olga

Victoria Savelieva 2.03.16

... When I was choosing a photographer for Our Magic Day, I devoted a great deal of time and effort, trying to persuade my husband that photography is a complicated and delicate kind of art!!! And the high level of professionalism in this field of art is of great importance. At first, my husband was skeptical about my statements, assuring me that it's very easy to find a photographer ... But I was adamant)) It's easy to find a photographer, but it's hard to find a photo artist! And I found him!!! A man with a high artistic vision! He has a nonstandard approach, original ideas and highly professional equipment. And hearty approach to each idea!!! His photos fascinate and enchant. They are light and delicate, colorful and bright, exciting and positive)) I admire interesting composition moments and transmission of very particular details in a subtle play of light and color ... All the depth and sincerity of feelings are revealed in his figurative and emotional "photo - pictures" ...
ANDREY!!! We express our gratitude! My husband and I are very excited! Thank you so much! THANK YOU for being with us on this beautiful day and for all wonderful moments of our happiness you captured in our photos!!! We wish you creative success and endless inspiration!

Natalia Rakhmatulina 3.09.17

Dear Andrey!!!
From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for the valuable gift you have made for us! How enchanted and excited we are by looking at your wonderful photos! Our sincere emotions are captured on them so brightly! So often the very "defining moment" is caught in them!
We wish you further creative successes, endless inspiration and happiness!
And the following words I address to brides and grooms)))
If you still have any doubts whether to appeal to Andrey or not, then my sincere advice to you is YES, yes and yes. Because Andrey is a photographer created by God! Because he has eyes and hands of gold! Because he is easy and joyful to deal with! You will not find anybody better!!!
Natalia and Joseph.

Anastasia Tkachenko 03.09.16

Well, just yesterday we received our long-awaited photos, so I will share the freshest impressions of them! 03.09.16 all became one: to the amusement of everybody the weather was beautiful and a hand, I'm not afraid of this word, of a true master of his craft! As a result - fantastic by their beauty photos!☺ They turned out to be very warm, lively, conveying all those emotions and feelings that we had on our special day! Partly, I think, because of the fact that after spending the first half of the day at the photo session with Andrey, we felt absolutely comfortable and we had a lot of fun - I remember that we always laughed at something. Andrey, thank you so much for your work! We were very lucky with you! Your photos are more like pictures☺ I have this burning desire to print each of them and cover all walls in the apartment with them! I apply only a few of the most loved photos.

Alyona Bagrikova 11.07.16

Many thanks to our photographer, who for me personally, as they say, "made this day," because on that day he worked as our psychologist and organizer of the most interesting places about which even my husband (being born in Leningrad and having been, it would seem, everywhere) knew nothing! But in addition, for such a short period of time Andrey has become a friend of our family! As to photos, they were very easy to us (with Andrey's help)! Photos turned out diverse, sincere and the most important problem for me was to choose photos - I could not find the best! They are all amazing!!! And it is not too much to say so! It’s a pity that only 10 photos can be posted on the wall, there are more interesting photos in the album, but they are only for the chosen ones. Also, I want to mention that, despite the fact that we spent with Andrey 10 hours, and at the end – 11 hours ... we couldn’t get enough, because he had so many ideas and we liked all of them. You never want to stop working with this photographer; you always want to make as many photos as possible for the memory of your children and for yourselves, of course, while we are in our prime. Generally speaking, I'm very happy that I found you in the depths of the Internet and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE! We sincerely thank you and wish you even wider success!

Vika Shevyakova 15.08.15

After we received photos, I finally found my voice)))
A year ago, when I saw your works on the Web, to find a wedding photographer was not a problem anymore… After our first meeting, we felt absolutely relaxed and decided that everything was ready for us)))
We say thank you so much, you're really cool!!! You are a genius!!! (Unreal genius😂👍🏼) You can see such moments, emotions and perspectives, to which no one pays attention in his everyday life...
Probably, we were not the easiest bride and groom (in terms of models), but it was so easy to work with you - everything in motion, no staging , thank you for these lively photos!!!
Anyway, I can write and write so for a long time, but I cannot transfer all my emotions into the keyboard))
We are sooo happy to meet you, we felt with you easy peasy, as if we've known each a hundred years!! Thank you for giving us the most important moments and emotions of that special day for the rest of our life!
Dima and Vika